Peaches and Nectarines are ripe/ening

We have yellow freestone peaches, white saturn/donut peaches, white nectarines and some white peaches ready right now. Call us at 865.228.9789 for more details. Price is $3/lb (possibly negotiable).

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Cherries are gone. Donuts are starting.

The cherry crop is over. The donut peaches are starting. This is a new yellow donut peach. Most of my donut/satellite peaches are the white Saturn peach. Most of them are pre-sold. I have a few plums as well (which will be reserved for family). The first peach of any quantity will be the yellow Bounty peach, a freestone peach probably ready around the second week of July. Stay Tuned.


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2020 Goals for the orchard…I guess.

2020. Happy New Year from Indian Cave Orchards.

To Do List:


  • Plan future orchard/plants/plans
  • Prune
  • Grafting
  • Prepare for an online course: backyard orchards, vineyards, gardens
  • Prepare videos on planting, pruning
  • Determine 2020 spray schedule
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2019 Over

Stay tuned, hopefully next year will be a full crop. Cherries were great in 2019, not much else.

View Cumminsnursery digging trees, here.

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Update! Freeze damage, etc.

Well, it looks like the cold weather two weeks back severely injured my early peaches, nectarines, plums, and apricot. I made this quick little video for you to view what blooms of cherry and apple are looking like along with a few peaches that have set…very few. Later peaches may be better off, we’ll see.

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Wow, rough week.

Last week was a rough one for my fruit trees. Most of my peaches (donuts), nectarines, some pears, and plums were in full bloom and 20 degrees or so was very hard on the blooms. We will see what happens, meanwhile I’ll include a Trinity Band vid for you.

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Bad year again but 2017 should be good.

Wow, 2016 was yet another bad year for the orchards. This was mainly due to the fact that I was exceptionally busy finishing my PhD. Now, that is over, so hopefully fruit will be back again in 2017. I’ve started pruning a little. I hope to replant some trees this spring. I’m also hoping to volunteer some trees and time to the Knoxville Botanical Gardens. What I really hope is that I can get some trees from Kazakhstan , which are a totally different species of apple, along with some other trees on Geneva Rootstocks for the Gardens.

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I just realized!

That I hadn’t posted in 2 years.  That is because I’ve been pretty much frozen out.  However, this year I have had some peaches: Saturn, Bounty, Red Haven, and will have quite a few Contender (which is a super good peach).

My plums and cherries were hit hard again by freeze but I will have some Asian Pears and European pears and some apples. Most of my peaches will be in late July and early August.

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Latest Entry, We will have SOME fruit!

We will have some fruit this summer still: peaches, asian pears, pears, and apples. I am including a video from youtube of my latest walk around

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so much rain…

another 1.5 inches today, not sure if pests can be kept off the orchard this year at all, y’all

meanwhile some marriage counseling for you all


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