Tart Cherries


Since the last entry we sold tart cherries

Sumadinka Tart Cherry

Sumadinka Tart Cherry

and edible pod peas at the Dandridge Farmers’ Market.  Tomorrow is the Grand Opening at the market.  There will be live music and the opening will be at 9AM, though we will start selling at 8.  We will once again have tart cherries and edible pod peas and possibly a few early peaches, JunePrince.  This is dependent upon ripeness, bird pecks, and potential hail today.  We are looking forward to our granddaughter, Corena being at the market where she and a friend will have some stationary to sell!  Oh, also I talked to my brother Stephen and am very happy to see he has a new website for his orchard/farm.  I think the site looks real good.  Stephen is a great farmer and has an enormous variety of fruits and vegetables in Western New York State.  If you are ever in the Finger Lakes area of NY you definitely should visit his orchard.  I have placed his link into my links section of this blog!  Oh, additionally, while I’m at it I would point readers to my brother James’ fruit business also in NY.  They also have a FaceBook page.

Eve's Cidery

Eve's Cidery


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