UT Market is Today!

Today we will have:

  • Plums
  • Peaches
    • Bounty
    • Contender

      Girls with Contender peaches

      Girls with Contender peaches

  • Nectarines

Bounty is a fairly new peach to me.  Last year we only had a scattering of Bounty, this year Bounty is mor ….er… bountiful, LOL.  Contender is my old faithful peach.  It is probably my best peach and a great multipurpose peach.  Today’s Contender peaches were picked last night MOSTLY from the tree tops.  My nectarines are called Rose Princess.  According to Stark’s Nursery:

Many people prefer white-flesh peaches over yellow-flesh. If you’re one of those (even if you’re not), you can enjoy this large, white-flesh nectarine. Its flavor is sweet and mild, like that of a peach, and there’s no fuzz. And the flesh easily pops off its freestone pit. The tree is quite vigorous and productive. It’s also winter hardy and moderately resistant to bacterial leaf spot. Fruit ripens in late July in Zone 5.

Now, I would add to the description that most people actually prefer YELLOW fleshed peaches (Stark is wrong here), BUT that the Rose Princess nectarine

Rose Princess Nectarine

Rose Princess Nectarine

is very special in that it has a kick that most white peaches/nectarines, do not.  I love this nectarine because it packs an unusual punch!


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Peach Grower, Plant Researcher, PhD Candidate in Instructional Technology, and Farmers' Market Participant
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One Response to UT Market is Today!

  1. dad says:

    One nice side issue, John — Rose Princess makes a good ornamental tree, too — it’s blossoms are “showy”, i.e. big pink single flowers. (Same for Desiree and Saturn.)


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