Markets today!

John sells fruit

John sells fruit

Today we did dueling markets once again.  Sharon sold at Dandridge Farmers’ Market whilst I went with my neighbor, James,

James selling Fruit

James selling Fruit at Market Square, Knoxville

to Market Square in Knoxville, Tennessee.  We had juicy plums (basically the end of the crop), Bounty and Contender Yellow Peaches, a few Hosui Asian Pears and Rose Princess Nectarine.  Sales were good but it sure was hot and makes me wish I were sailing.

I have to say I am so appreciative of my whole family.  Peter my younger brother made the sign and is a sign maker par excellence.  Stephen provides the tress up at Cummins Nursery where he has Indian Creek Farm.  My Dad and Mom continually bless me and Sarah helps sell fruit during the week.  I think in my next post I will talk about my family a bit more!


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Peach Grower, Plant Researcher, PhD Candidate in Instructional Technology, and Farmers' Market Participant
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2 Responses to Markets today!

  1. John Cummins says:

    Whoops! Oh and also, my first and only Gala apples!

  2. Yes, I think you should talk about your family more! 😉

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