Crop Update, 1st Day of June, 2013

OK, This is what the crop looks like presently and my plans accordingly.

  • Sweet Cherries – Some are ripe, light to medium crop.  I think I will eat them, not sell.
  • Plums, Nectarines – Basically NO crop.
  • Peaches – A very few Doughnut peaches, some later yellows are OK.  I severely pruned this winter.
  • Asian Pears – Medium crop.
  • Apples – Medium, hopefully fire blight will not take them out.
  • Smoker Wood – I’ve decided NOT to chip it up based on light crops of the rest.

So, my plans, based on the above will be to sell strictly at Dandridge Farmers Market, and perhaps to a few homeschool/homestead families.  The peaches certainly look better than last year but the crop is light.  Also, the apple crop looks better when I had virtually none last year.


About recon77

Peach Grower, Plant Researcher, PhD Candidate in Instructional Technology, and Farmers' Market Participant
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