Bad year again but 2017 should be good.

Wow, 2016 was yet another bad year for the orchards. This was mainly due to the fact that I was exceptionally busy finishing my PhD. Now, that is over, so hopefully fruit will be back again in 2017. I’ve started pruning a little. I hope to replant some trees this spring. I’m also hoping to volunteer some trees and time to the Knoxville Botanical Gardens. What I really hope is that I can get some trees from Kazakhstan , which are a totally different species of apple, along with some other trees on Geneva Rootstocks for the Gardens.


About recon77

Peach Grower, Plant Researcher, PhD Candidate in Instructional Technology, and Farmers' Market Participant
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One Response to Bad year again but 2017 should be good.

  1. Terry says:

    Help!! I recently bought a house with a small orchard and could use some advice. I’m willing to come help you with your trees or would pay for you to come seen orchard and give advice. Please email me if either would be possible. Thanks, and I hope to heat from you.

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