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Welcome to Indian Cave Orchards.  This is the first posting on the blog, other than that under the about tab, which tells you all about the orchards.  We sell fruit at local farmers’ markets in E. Tennessee, at home, and to people in custom sales.  While we have some pears, apples, and plums, we specialize in freestone peaches, nectarines, and white donut peaches.  We suggest if you want to grow your own orchard that you buy your trees from Cummins Nurseries in NY.  While their website is “retro” and probably only Web 0.5, their selection of trees is unbeatable.

Indian Cave Orchards are located in New Market, Tennessee directly off of Indian Cave Road.  We offer peaches, apples, plums, cherries, pears, and nectarines along with a few vegetables and flowers from time to time and sell mainly to Farmers’ Markets in Dandridge and Knoxville, Tennessee though we can sell from our orchards.  Our orchards are extremely small and compact.  Our motto is to think small but grow big.  This refers to the fact that we grow in the backyard in a  small space with very small trees but our fruit is grown with much tender care and intense management in a manner that results in large, tasty fruit.

Think Small, Grow Big

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3 Responses to About

  1. Jim Cummins says:

    High class opening, John. Neat peach pictures. June 2 leaves a long time to wait, tho.

    Red Raspberries are in now in my garden. Prelude, a hot new entry from Cornell, is just now finishing. I’m impressed; good yield of large berries; at least a week ahead of any other variety; pretty good quality. One oddity: very limited production of suckers. Maybe you should consider putting in some Prelude.

    My Ouchita and Navajo blackberries are in full bloom now. Looks like good crop prospects. I was surprised to see the Navajo rooting by tip layering.

    When do you expect first peaches?

  2. Ed Curtin says:

    Nice website– beautiful fruit!

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