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At Indian Cave Orchards we have a number of peach varieties (cultivars). These cultivars span from June to early September and include both white and yellow fleshed peaches as well as various shapes and sizes. We will try to include descriptions and approximate ripening times, pictures, and uses as they occur to us. Right off the of our heads, and for this first post, they include:

  • Bounty: (Description from Cummins’ Nursery) A large, firm, yellow freestone ripening with Loring, about 12 days before Elberta. Very attractive red overall. High quality.  Slowly replacing Loring in the Shenandoah-Cumberland region. From the USDA breeding program at Kearneysville, West Virginia.
  • Garnet Beauty
  • Redhaven:
    peach hiding in a peach branch

    4 weeks earlier than Elberta.   Forty years after its introduction by Michigan State University, Redhaven remains the standard of excellence in its season.  High Vitamin C; very slow browning, so excellent for freezing.   Good bud hardiness, and lots of fruit buds to start with,so thinning is usually required.

  • June Prince
  • Coralstar: Cold hardy. 19 days after RH.  Coralstar® is a large, beautiful freestone peach with 80% red color that matures just before Loring. The flesh is firm, with wonderful flavor. Coralstar® holds well on the tree and in storage and does not brown when cut. The tree is hardy and resistant to bacterial spot.
  • Laurol:  This late maturing peach ripens five to ten days after Autumnglo. Fruit is large with attractive red skin and firm yellow flesh. Discovered in Richwood, New Jersey by Donald Reuter
  • Contender: (3 weeks after Redhaven, a week earlier than Elberta) Large, round fruit; yellow with bright red blush over most of surface. From the NCSU breeding program;  Summercrest X Redhaven, introduced in 1987.  Non-browning. Late blooming; considerable resistance to bacterial spot; consistent cropping.
  • Glohaven:  A typical ‘Haven peach — round, red, nearly fuzzless; slow to brown, excellent freezing. Much larger than Redhaven. Ripens midway between Redhaven and Cresthaven.
  • Princess Rose: Wonderful White Fleshed Tart Sweet Nectarine
  • Vivid:  Large, bright red, freestone.  Excellent flavor.
  • A New Jersey peach (I can’t remember the name at present but will get back)
  • Saturn(A donut peach): 
    Satellite Peach

    (3 days later than Redhaven).  Hardy.  “Donut” peach.  Small and tasty.

  • Cresthaven: (25 days after Redhaven, 3 days earlier than Elberta) A Michigan State introduction from the Kalhaven x Southhaven cross. Typical ‘Haven peach — round, medium-large, brightly colored. Freestone. Non-browning. Good winter hardiness but generally only moderately thrifty tree. Productive.

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