Weekly Maintenance Right Now

I am weekly mowing, trimming, chipping, getting orchards ready.  Looks to be a very light peach crop due to intense pruning along with no plums this year.  Pears are also quite light.  I may have a few more apples than last year.

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Getting Orchard Ready

I have been busy pruning the orchards and getting the brush out.  This year I will have a value-added product, fruitwood for meat smokers.  I know a lot of people love to smoke their turkeys and other meats and I will provide various fruit woods for their smokers.  So, a lot of work in getting orchards even ready for bloom.

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My Famous Dad

Jim Cummins is famous as an apple rootstock breeder but my sister has made him even more famous this winter with a self-published book of his early life Boy At Dix.  Though a short book it is an interesting read and you might want to consider buying it.  I am very proud of my sister but certainly of my dad as well.51NiwKBZB2L._SL210_

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Already summer?

I don’t know about everyone else but is summer already here to you? It is to me. The orchard is growing so fast I can’t hardly keep up at all with things that need to be done. Fireblight is already atrocious and I don’t look for an apple or pear crop. What else will happen. Well in honor of Easter week I am embedding a great album for you all to listen to from a Knoxville church.

Also, I am including my newest nephew. He is, of course, already busy as an orchardist

Kollman Henry Cummins

Kollman Henry Cummins

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Peaches are in FULL Bloom

Peaches are in full bloom right now at Indian Cave Orchards, cross your fingers. Oh, and watch this short video to see the blooms!

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2011 Summary in Vid

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Just a quick video of Indian Cave this year! Or look at this alternative version with different audio (same pics).

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UT Market is Tomorrow

And I am pretty sure it will be my last peach day! I will have two types of yellow peaches, cooking pears and gourds.

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